Proud To Be A Filipino


I’m from the “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” with three main island groups named, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, over 7,600 islands to explore! The country’s known for it’s wonderful beaches, hospitable residents, rich culture and history, my motherland, the Philippines. Belongs to a third world country but I’m proud to say that I’m a Filipina and this is where I really belong. What really makes me proud to be a Filipino? There are a lot of reasons why…

Through the years I’ve witnessed a lot of circumstances that rocked my country. Filipinos stayed loving, helpful, hopeful and strong. Our nation step up everytime we’re going through tough times like crisis and calamities. This events have also witnessed all over the world which makes us stand out from the rest. Filipinos are very resilient, we can live without any electricity, we can find a lot of ways to live because we are resourceful people and optimistic. We always put up a big smile on our faces even though inside we are struggling, as it is a sign of hope for us. We’re family oriented, family is the center of our lives, our strength. We take care each and every members of the family specially elders, we respect and love them. We treasure and devoted on every relationships we are into. We believe in “til death do us part” vow that two people promise to fulfill, that is why until now the Philippine government is still on going debate about “divorce,” but we are never against people who chooses to separate ways, everyone has a freedom to do what they want and what they think is right.  We’re humble people and have a big heart that eager to help anybody who’s in need in spite of poverty. We are God fearing, we believe and love  God in spite of religion differences.

I often tell people that I’m proud to be a Filipino but why most of the time I speak “English” a foreign language. Exactly! And that’s what I love about being a Filipino, we are learners! If you get a chance to visit my country, you’ll see that even the poorest people can speak “English” because we always wanted to be understood. We have this Pinoy characteristics to learn and appreciate the culture of our neighbors, without neglecting ours as Filipino teachers still teaching Filipino Language in schools, doing activities or contests to enrich our own language like “balagtasan,” a poetic debate. In fact we have “Linggo ng Wika” where students engage in different activities that has to do with only Filipino Language for a week. This is done by the Government for us to keep appreciate and love our own language.

We Filipinos have different blood lines, because Philippines was occupied by Spanish, Americans and Japanese years ago. It was also opened for business purposes for nearby Asian countries based on history.  Hence, we had strongly influenced by those with our culture, beliefs and even more with the attitude. Somehow I’m thankful that my country was under foreign control before because this has made Filipinos to be the best that we can be. Filipinos united and sacrificed their lives to achieve the freedom that we are experiencing up to now.

You can find Filipinos all over the world, some of them called “OFW” – Filipino Overseas Workers and I’m one of them. Sadly, we cannot please everyone to like us, everyday a Filipino is being maltreated, discriminated and insulted. But these will never cease us to conquer the world, achieve our goals not only for ourselves but for our lovedones. Thank you for those who loves us and trusts us up to this day, people who keep believing on Filipinos capabilities, Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. These inspired me more to be a proud Filipino and forever I will be, in mind, in words and in actions. Salute to every Filipino!



Things I’ve Been Thinkin’ Lately – Learned So Far

♥It’s extremely difficult to find genuine people and relationships.

♥Exhausted of waiting for something that arrival is not assured.

♥Miracles don’t really happen. You need to push yourself into reality and do what you      should do.

♥Don’t act that you know everything! Learning is a continuous process, my friend.

♥Never tell me “I love you” for I will not believe it. It’s actions that speaks louder, that might change my mind.

♥Stress. Something I don’t wish to encounter daily.

♥I feel incomplete. I don’t know why.


♥Is there really a “forever?”

♥I would rather go to Salon and start pampering myself than to feel insecure. It’s a girl thing.

♥Sometimes daily routines makes me feel soooo sick and tired!

♥Learn to read between the lines.

♥Doing crazy things in order to find out the truth. Beware with the pretentious human.

♥Broken promises. Do promises always meant to be broken?

♥The meaning of true love already fades.

♥Dogs are more loyal than humans. Already proven! At least they will wait for you when you’re gone and impossible to replace you.

♥There’s nothing more beautiful than being alive. Be thankful and pray always.

♥Nothing’s permanent.

♥Marriage is not just a piece of paper, it’s a sacred vow that two people promised to fulfill.

♥Keep smiling.

♥Infidelity. (Sigh)

♥Respect and disrespect. You earned it. You reap what you sow.

♥Apologies. Comes from matured man most of the time.

♥Second chances. If it’s possible, Why not?

♥Forgiveness. I can give with all my heart.

♥Be happy with the one you really love even thou you’re not the reason of his happiness. Well that’s true love is.

♥Sometimes you don’t get what you deserve. Reality check.

♥Boys will be boys. Girls, let’s try to deal with that.

♥Romance is easy. True Love is not. I agreed with no reservations.

♥If you love your life, life will love you back.

♥I’ll try to be the best that I can be. Oh Lord, guide me.




God Is An Artist

Hi everyone! Good morning read!  Been awhile since my last post. I’ve been seriously busy with some Christmas gatherings almost every night.  As you know, Filipinos are known for celebrating the Christmas as early as November! And because it’s that time of year again, I would like to share this writing which I’ve read early this morning. He is the reason why we celebrate Christmas every year, really made my day…To God be the Glory!

You are proof
 that God is an artist.
He took you,
and took your sin.
He made you clean,
washed white with blood.
You became a canvas
 for Him to paint images
of grace and glory upon.
You became a blank page
for Him to write sonnets of peace and of love,
and He named you worthy.
You became a stone slab
which God is now chipping away at,
creating in you a new heart and shaping you
into who you were always meant to be:
His child.

God’s Love for us is endless. Let’s not forget the sacrifice that he made for us to live. The meaning of Christmas is not only because of God was born on this day, but true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of love, giving, sharing, forgiveness and joy that Jesus Christ never want us to neglect. Wishing you a blessed day ahead­ and advance Merry Christmas to all!

Age, Youthful And Beauty

“How old are you?”

“Oh! How old am I?! Hmmmmm”

Yes, you’ve heard it right! They’re askin ‘bout your age! Why most people especially women were so frightened to retort this question when they are in ages 30’s and above? I knew since then that I’m not getting any younger at all, but my age never hinder me to do the things that matters to me. Thus, I’ve never been ashamed or scared to tell anyone about my age. In this post, I kindly wanted to open up and honestly discuss about “our age,” “our youthful,” “our beauty” and the fear of losing it as years passes by. Perhaps many of us just wanted to keep silent about this discussion, but for me, as a woman I know that these factors are very significant part of our identities so I am curious, what if one day we’ll lose it and how it will affect us to live in reality? So, are you brave enough? I dare you!


“The age of a woman doesn’t mean a thing.  The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Absolutely true! As we grow older we become matured. The older we are the stronger and wiser we become. We become great, competitive and improved version of ourselves. As a person matures and age gracefully, petty quarrels, lies, misunderstanding, doubts, insecurities, fears, troubles and other negativity becomes less. We cease thinking ‘bout life is often like a fairytales with a happy ending story, that being so we face the reality of life, the good or bad we can get from it, because at the end of the day even we failed or succeed, the urge of trying and doing your best is what matters most. I choose to try and failed than never try at all. At least I have no any regrets! I’ve been asked a lot of times if how old I am. To be fair, I have turned 30 last June. Yes, I’m 30 and I’m proud! I’m not ashamed, do I have to? Definitely not! Owing to the fact that my age never really reflects of what kind of person I really am.  Many years I’ve managed to train my heart and brain to act like a very old woman if I needed to, play like a crazy kid like there’s no tomorrow, laugh and fall in love like a sweet teenager. Keep missing those days but who says we cannot be that young ones again? Yes we can be young again and we will be forever young at heart.


“No wise man ever wished to be younger.” – Jonathan Swift.

I must agree. Can you differentiate the perception of an adult to a 5 year old kid?  We often wished to go back from the days where we only thought about playing and playing, nothing else, no worries, no big deal and no serious problems. Does it make any sense? We need to embrace the fact that we couldn’t turn back time but we can go on to continues process of learning. Even we began to feel exhausted in all activities that we used to do, occurrence of pain all over the body, sight become blurred, endurance and food intake becomes less, voice become tiny, streaks of hair began to appear. However, awareness and comprehension become greater, naive become wiser and smarter. We shall laugh more it’s good for the heart and soul. Never stop enjoying all the activities that life has to offer that keep us in touch with our youth, it’s never too late.


“Good looks fade but a good heart keeps your timeless beauty.” – Unknown.

Ten or Twenty years from now, rise up and stare at yourself in the mirror. Tell me, what can you barely see? (Sigh) Wrinkles and saggy skin is being noticeable. You begin to feel undesirable, unattractive, unpleasant to look at. You wished you could go back to that young woman that never realized that one day she’d be the exact person looking in the mirror and feel pity of herself. Do we really have to feel this way? Do we really have to feel miserable because we don’t like how we look? Nobody causes this negativity towards our own looks but our own state of mind. Physical beauty is not meant to stay forever. We could invest a lot of money to stay young looking but through the years, changes that meant to happen eventually will happen and no one can stop that even the most expert plastic surgeon on earth. Beauty will fade before you know it. We need to face it with all our might, accept and allow a different kind of air in. Make your looks not the least but not the most important thing about you, because if you don’t, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. You gotta deal with it!

Age, youthful and beauty, these gave us a very pleasant appearance but through the years it will all fades and will remain a memory from the past. And what’s left? You! Thus, we have to be happy with ourselves. We have to be comfortable how we look at any age. Living in this world is more than having a good physical appearance. The answers are always found from deep within. We need to learn how to be happy with ourselves no matter what happens. Face your fear, appreciate those people who will stay and accept us of who we really are. Love more often, we are so much more than appearance, let’s not be blinded of what’s not really important in life. A good life, a good heart, knowledge, family, friends, future kids, grand kids and a good career, is all that matters. Try to look in the mirror once again… put up a smile and embrace acceptance. You deserve a peace of mind and to age beautifully, there’s no turning back.

I’m aware that in the near future, I will face these same problems. It might be difficult for me to surpass it but hopefully with contentment and prayers, I believe I can do so. So when people ask you again the same old question,”how old are you?” I hope you can smile and response positively and confidently. High five to that!

Most Favorite Youtubers

Youtube become a huge part of our daily basis. From finding our favorite music to finalize our playlist, movie trailer, viral videos and a lot more for entertainment purposes. I often find myself on the youtube as well, I could stay up almost half a day only watching my favorite youtubers doing some tutorials, DIY’s (Do it yourself), life hacks, expectations vs. reality, and more.

These youtubers are the celebrities in youtube, they’d created their own content and let people watch their daily routines, travel tips and ideas, lifestyle and many more which I’ve been addicted to lately.  I thought these videos are only for teenagers and wealthy people who can afford to do the things they do but when I had a chance to watch their videos I would agree that it’s for all ages and regardless of your status in life actually.  For me, it’s their ways to make our life a bit easier, relax and less stress. So since then I basically watch their videos almost everyday especially when I feel so tired and just wanted to relax.

So I wanted to share with you my 5 most favorite youtubers that I’ve subscribed in awhile.  These youtubers got so many subscribers and eventually they are very famous and seriously earned a lot of money out of uploading videos in youtube world.  You can check their channel by clicking the link below, they also have other social media sites you can check that out too. Believe me, these girls are not only have an awesome youtube videos but also an awesome life that obviously reflects to their videos and photos. I wouldn’t make any further details about their bio since I’m more concern about their videos but I’ve put the link of that too. So without any further ado let’s get started:


Youtube Channel

Instagram Account





Youtube Channel

Instagram Account




Youtube Channel

Instagram Account




Youtube Channel

Instagram Account






Youtube Channel

Instagram Account



You can definitely see tons of youtubers but these 5 women really are my favorites. I think they express well their selves to the public with a very friendly aura. Everytime I watch them I feel like I’ve known them for so many years. Hope you find them also entertaining like I do. Before I forgot, Happy 45th National day to United Arab Emirates! Till next time guys! Have a great day ahead! Xoxo ♥


Lies….. before I went to sleep last night, that’s the last word I thought of.  Four letters, one simple word but has a huge impact in everyone’s lives.  I was told by my parents that lying is “haram” (Arabic word means “bad”).  Yet, everyday of our lives we lie.  We choose to lie in such a lot of different reasons.  It can be a good reason or bad reason but still, it’s a lie.  Some older people said that lying is a crime or a sin but why we choose to make a sin?  I am definitely not writing this to judge people who lie, perhaps you’ll ask me who I am to judge you? Because I also lied quite few times in my life but, I hope that those people who say half a truth may realize to stop doing so, I am no exception.

We lie because we are only humans. Is that acceptable? NO! We lied to avoid something that could cause someone’s broken heart, we lied when we were frightened, we lied out of anger, we lied out of many things that we believed we had to because sometimes the truth really hurts so we try to look for other ways, using other means. But on the other hand, a truth that was told with bad intentions is as same as saying all the lies that is poppin’ in our mind. Not because you have said something isn’t a lie doesn’t mean that it isn’t deceptive.  A person who is a liar knows that he is a liar, but a person who constantly talks mere portions of truth to deceive is a fool.  Again, I’m not here to judge those people who choose to lie nor the ones who tell the truth.  I’m expressing myself on what I believe in and from what I know that we should do.

YES, we can lie to all the people we spoke to but NO, never ever lie to yourself.  There’s a saying that “the man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him and so loses all the respect for himself and for others.”  I really admire those who are not afraid to tell the truth, I salute them.  I am not one of them for sure, but everyday of my life I’m trying my best to be one.  At the end of the day, even if it’s painful, there’s a beauty in truth.  Lies only strengthen our weaknesses and shortcomings.  It don’t teach anything or help us in our everyday lives. I’ll be glad to tell my future kids when I grow old that it’s something that cannot be taken away by anyone.  Choose to stay true as long as we’re living.  Have a blessed day to all.

Every Bloggers Should Know!


Hello and welcome! Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t have any idea how to start off this blog.  There are a lot of things that are popping in my mind as my hands continue to write literally anything it wants.  So basically that’s it, my blog posts will be usually about anything, everything under the sun.  It could be about my personal or random thoughts, ideas pertaining to local or international travel, music, lifestyle, fashion & beauty, health, recipes, arts, photography, everyday life experiences and a lot more!  I will be very happy to share to all my thoughts, opinions and knowledge about everything.  I’m no expert in this matter but I will do my best that somehow my future blog posts will be helpful for some readers or just dropping by to chill and relax while reading and sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Always remember that blogging has its disadvantage.  Sometimes it can be scary, especially if you’re sharing your lifestyle and personal matters. Why? Because blogging is interactive, you’re opening up yourself into something or people you really don’t know.  So, for your own security, know to limit yourself about your posts like, don’t mention where you currently stay, university, workplace and always keep your address secret.

But hey! Don’t be sad.  You can still have fun blogging ofcourse! Blogging is our own way to show the world who you really are by sharing different views and perspective. And if you read someone’s blog and you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a comment and tell them, it only take a few seconds to make their day and it will help your blog’s popularity. You will be experiencing a whole new appreciation when you start doing a blog.  Isn’t it amazing that you be able to communicate to those people who are half away ‘round the world? Yes! That’s true and that is one of the best part of blogging.  You can have friends for life. It makes our place a much smaller and friendlier.  And at the very least, in the future you’ll have something to look back at when you’re old. So what are you waiting for? Get out of your shell, sit, grab a pen and write or open you laptop! make a difference and create a wonderful world now!

Captured Moments

Hello guys!  I wanted to share with you these chosen photos of mine which was taken months & years ago. Captured memories with my family, friends and some places I’ve been to.

Seriously, it took me whole day from choosing an awesome photos to editing and finally here it is.  I barely do photo editing nowadays, and I never really consider myself as an expert.  None the less I’m very glad to see the result clap! clap! 🙂 Photograph is not just a piece of paper, saved file in your laptop or an uploaded “thing” in your social media sites.  It is definitely morethan that!

A glance in your photos (faded photos) can easily put a genuine smile in your lips and gladness within your soul. Memories keep coming back and we can’t help but only to reminisce.  These are the only proofs we have from the past that we wished we could go back and experience the same old wonderful feelings we had felt from that very moment.

For me, if we could keep thousands of photographs or accumulate even a lot more better!   To have it as a treasure, to have a look at all the captured moments in your life, hey that is sooo priceless! 1 million thumbs up! Definitely! I hope you like this one. That’s all for now, till next time! Have a great weekend! Xoxo.

PS:  I might not have written a complete details about the places that I’ve visited on the photos because I’m thinking to post a blog for it soon.

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